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Rough Itinerary

September 17, 2009

One important aspect of traveling alone and going on wacky adventures is to make sure people know where you’re at – it’s an easy thing to do and can save your life.  And while I don’t anticipate any issues this year, I always like to let people know where I’m at, just in case (I’m a very risk-averse person – why will no one believe me when I say that?)

Today: Fly out to Salt Lake City; hop in a rental car and find a hotel somewhere

Tomorrow:  Stock up on whatever I forgot to bring, eat lunch at a Cafe Rio somewhere en route, and head to Moab.  Attend pre-race meeting at 5:00; have dinner (location TBD) in Moab with my friends Joe and Sue at 6:00; get to bed by 8:00

Saturday:  Up at 4, catch the shuttle to the start of Moab’s Alpine to Slickrock 50 mile race. Start at 6:00, hopefully finish before the race cutoff at 8:00 PM (see race profile in an earlier post).

Sunday:  Recover.  Drive up to Arches National Park and do some touristy driving/easy hiking (try to get in about 8 miles to stretch my legs)

Monday: Syncline Loop trail in Canyonlands National Park; head north and find a hotel somewhere near Mt. Nebo

Tuesday:  Unfinished business with Mt. Nebo.  Climb it by some route (TBD), then head north again and find a hotel near Orem.

Wednesday: Unfinished business with Mt. Timpanogos.  Win more battle with Moose.  Then head WAY north and stay in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Thursday:  Borah Peak, Idaho’s highest peak.  Head north, possibly finding a hotel en route to Missoula.

Friday:  Missoula Montana (restish day) – have Staggering Ox sammies, hike the M, visit the University of Montana store, pay homage to the Wall of Beer at the Rhino.  Head north in the afternoon to a cabin outside of Glacier.

Saturday through Friday, week two:  In a cabin for this week; no set itinerary for Glacier, will need to stop in early on Saturday (or late Friday) to see what areas are off-limits due to Grizzly activity.

Friday of week two:  Head south, driving through the Tetons and stopping somewhere in SW Wyoming.  Get up early for one more mountain:

Saturday, week two:  Kings Peak, the highest peak in Utah, from the standard route. Eat more Cafe Rio, find a hotel, then catch an early morning flight back to Chicago.

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  1. September 18, 2009 12:20 am

    Jason – best of luck to you on Saturday at the 50 miler! All that you have planned on your vacation sounds awesome. I look forward to the report and photos when you return!

  2. October 11, 2009 10:48 pm

    VERY nice pictures! Hubby and I stumbled onto your website today while mousing around. I too am providing outliers for ultrarunning data (176 pounds, usually last or nearly so.) Cheers!

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