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September 28th, 2009 – Brown’s Pass

May 30, 2010

After a fairly strenuous day hiking to Pitamakan Pass, I wanted something remote yet somewhat flat; my solution was the 28 mile out-and-back to Brown Pass in the northern part of the park.  The hike itself, following Bowman Lake, is very flat until you climb to the pass.  Other than the distance, this was easily the easiest hike all week:

Have I mentioned how handy DeLorme is?  Any rate, the trail is straightforward – follow Bowman Lake, then climb a bit, then come back. Piece o’ cake. The drive TO the trailhead is the hardest part, as passenger cars on washed out jeep roads are not recommended; fortunately, traffic on the road is very light.  I hit the trailhead at about 7:30, about an hour later than I had wanted, but still early enough to watch fog lift off the lake, and the view up the lake shows pretty much the whole hike.  In the distance, you can see Canadap; to the left, Numa Peak and Mt. Peabody; and on the right, Rainbow and Square Peak.

Eleven or twelve miles of pleasant hiking later, I finally start climbing uphill. As I approach the backside of Mt. Peabody, I’m amazed at the number of waterfalls draining its complex, southeast face. 

Heading up, Boulder Peak really becomes impressive, with lots of wacky towers, faces and even the last remnants of a glacier.  Back and to the left, you can see the massive rocks of Kintla and Kinnerly Peaks.

Thunderbird Mountain rises to the south – a shame I was shooting into the early afternoon sun, as the peak is very distinct:

The hike back? Uneventful.  Just an excuse to have an impromptu ultra in the middle of vacation. 🙂

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